Compassion Bulldog

Teachable Moments

I experienced some very good teachable moments with the kids today. First I took them to the Jones Brothers Easter Egg hunt in Stinson Park.  I warned them ahead of time that there would be a LOT of other people there so we may not get any eggs and not to let that upset them because we […]

Change the Way you Think…

New Year’s Eve…another year coming to an end and a new one about to begin.  We all know that this time of year brings reflections of the past year and resolutions for the new year.  New year, new you right?…Wrong! Why is it that each year at this time many of us decide we are […]

Wellness Break

Many of us find ourselves in situations at work (or in our lives in general) where we are sitting for long periods of time.  These situations are the perfect opportunity for a wellness break.  In less than 5 minutes time you can work on stress relief, mental focus/clarity, blood flow, mood, heart health and so […]

Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

Now before you get too far into this post…this has nothing to do with the typical alcohol-induced hangover.  So if you are hoping for a magic cure-all for that I am afraid I have bad news for you…the cure is don’t drink so much!!  No, I am referring to that feeling you get after the […]

Tips When Interviewing…Mind Your P’s!!

Interviewing…we have all been through it at least once in our lives in one capacity or another. Some people are “interviewing experts” and are naturals when it comes to getting through an interview. Others…not so much. I personally have been on both sides of interviewing (interviewer and interviewee) and from my experiences I have put […]

Makers and Waiters…which will you be?

I have noticed in my experiences that there appears to be two general “kinds” of people in life: 1.  Those that make things happen. 2.  Those that wait for things to happen. I have also noticed, however, that we all fall into not one, but both of these categories depending on the situation. I, for example, make things […]


Being a whopping 34 years old, I have discovered a valuable life truth that all should know and embrace…and yes, I know how silly that sounds as many of you may be reading this and thinking “34…she is just a pup still!” None the less, I am going to drop this knowledge bomb on you…are […]

Small acts can make a big difference…

I woke up the morning of July 18th, got ready as normal and headed to the kitchen to get my cup of coffee before heading to work.  The stack of mail was sitting on the table waiting for me, as it is every morning, and at the top of the stack was a bright green […]

Get Creative to Get Motivated…

Have you ever told yourself (or had a friend, family member or doctor tell you) that you need to “get in shape”, “get healthy”, “lose weight”, etc.?  Do you find yourself lacking in motivation to do anything about it? Living a healthy lifestyle is overwhelming if it is not something you are already doing.  It […]

The Satisfaction a Checklist Provides…

         Hello, my name is Lori and I am a checklist junkie. I love checklists.  There are few things that provide the same sense of satisfaction that checking items off of a checklist do.  It is exhilarating and motivating and helps me keep my life, my work, my kids, my home, etc. in order. I decided to do […]